Tired of playing the same old game of hide and seek?  Play Camouflage instead!  Camouflage (also called Predator/Prey) is a great way to emphasize the importance of organisms blending in with their surroundings.  It’s the perfect kinesthetic supplement to many environmental education lessons.  We play it here every week at the CVEEC.  Here’s how…

1. Find an area with big trees, downed logs, brush, or tall grass.  Avoid water, thorns, and poison ivy.

2. Pick someone to be IT.  IT must choose a location to stand for the duration of the game.  IT can lunge and pivot in their spot but they cannot walk away in any direction.

3. Everyone else (players) start with a finger touching IT’s arms.

4. Round One (20 second round)- IT closes their eyes and counts loudly to 20.  Players run and find a hiding spot among the surroundings.  Players can run as far as they can in 20 seconds as long as they can still hear IT counting.  At 20 seconds, IT opens their eyes and immediately searches for players (remember IT cannot move from their spot).  Players are out if IT visually spots them or their clothing.  Spotted players are out for the duration of the game and must wait off to the side.  When IT cannot find any other players move to round two.

5. Round 2 (15 second round)- IT closes their eyes and counts loudly to 15 seconds.  Players still in the game must move closer to IT and find a new hiding spot.  After 15 seconds, IT opens their eyes and searches for players in the same manner as round one.  When IT cannot find any more players move to round three.

6. Round 3 (10 second round)- round 3 is played exactly the same as round two.  Remaining players have 10 seconds to move closer to IT.  When IT cannot find any more players move to round four.

7. Round 4 (Ready Set Go round)- IT yells “Ready Set Go!”  Any players still hiding race to tag IT.  The first person to tag IT is the winner.

How to win: Be the last person hiding when all other players are out OR be the first person to tag IT in the Ready Set Go round.

Additional Rules: Players MUST move closer to IT at the start of each new round.  If players do not move or do not move closer, they are out. 

Players who are out cannot tell IT where to look for other players (that’s cheating!)

IT may get people out by identifying their clothing- “Red sleeve and jeans behind the tree” is a legitimate way to get someone out even if IT does not know the person’s name.  In fact, identifying clothing is encouraged so that IT is not just calling out players’ names to lure them out of hiding.

Hints for IT: Be patient.  Impatient players will peek out of their hiding spots to see how the round is progressing.

Hints for Players: Don’t hide behind the closest tree during round one- you will have nowhere to move closer in the next rounds.

Conversely, don’t hide behind the furthest tree either- you will never make it back in time for the Ready Set Go round.

Be patient.  IT will see you if you peek out from behind your hiding spot.

Students from Greenview Elementary play camouflague with field instructor Martin. One player hides behind a tree (foreground), while IT lunges out to find people (background).

This student takes a risk hiding so close to IT. If he's not found he could win the Ready Set Go round!

The game looks different from IT's perspective. Luckily, this Greenview student spots orange in the distance. Another player is out!

 Have fun & happy hiding!!

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  1. Very interesting points you have observed, thank you for putting up.

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