Spring at CVNP

As Spring blooms, CVNP is alive with more visitors, animals, and plants reemerging. Here are some highlights of what’s been happening!


The final two Girl Scouts weekends of the school year culminated with junior scouts focusing their learning on the beautiful spring flowers here in CVNP. All of the girls worked toward badges in Drawing, Writing, and Flowers. Different activities included scouts creating their own paper flowers, going on a flower hunt throughout the park, and inventing their own super-powered flowers. They even got to plant their very own flower to take home after the weekend! In classic EEC camp fashion, the girls also played games, sang songs, and made many new friends–a perfect end to a great season of Girl Scout adventures.

We had a blast hosting all of the Girl Scout troops this season, and we can’t wait to see more groups this fall! We will be rotating the badges that we offer for next year’s season so be sure to check back to see what is in store!


Day programs at the EEC and throughout the park are a fantastic way to engage in a positive environmental experience and support the curriculum for a specific subject or lesson. While not all schools can opt into our residential programs due to time constraints, day programs are flexible with time frames and locations, making them a wonderful resource for teachers.

Some of our popular programs include Rockin’ at the Run, a geology-based program at Virginia-Kendall Ledges, Ways of the Whittlesey, which explores local American Indian culture, and our newest program, Changing Lands and Human Hands, a program that shows how the area has changed naturally over time–and artificially through human interaction.


Students exploring life below the surface of the pond during a day program.


At the Ledges with students, exploring the geologic history of NE Ohio.

Not only are these lessons relevant and engaging to all students, but fourth graders are eligible to receive Every Kid in a Park (EKIP) passes that allow free entry into any national park until the beginning of their 5th grade year!

To read more about our extensive programming or schedule a date, please visit our day program page or call our main office at 330.657.2796


Akron Public Schools (APS) came out for their final excursion of the year. Previously, students from Kenmore CLC, East CLC, North High, and Buchtel High participated in a photo scavenger hunt at the Ledges in the fall, as well as a treasure hunt at Brandywine Falls in the winter. This spring, the students came out to the EEC and competed in an “Amazing Race,” playing games, completing obstacle courses, and hiking around CVNP. They definitely worked up an appetite before enjoying another fantastic meal with their CTAG specialists and the Field Instructors. Finally, the students were presented with the opportunity to come back for Level 2 of  APS Summer Academy, a two-week day program to earn school credit, or to become Program Aides, getting paid to help work with the new students starting the program this summer.


Ranger Kelsey teaching students about sustainability and re-purposing products at Nature Realm.

We are very excited to host another summer of APS students and continue more exciting excursions in the Fall. For more information on APS Summer Academy or Program Aides, please call 330.657.2796


The Conservancy was happy to host OCVN’s first weekend of training at the Education Center! Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists receive 40 hours of combined classroom and field instruction, allowing them to provide excellent volunteer services to organizations across Ohio! If you are interested in finding out more information, check out the OCVN webpage!

Remember, April is #HappyToHelp month, so feel free to tag us in all of your volunteering adventures and share your story.  Watch this video to see why local college students are Happy to Help! You can see more testimonies from our volunteers and get more information about upcoming opportunities on our Facebook page  or on our website!

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