Attention All Schools!


If you attend our residential program, you could save money on your bills. (This is not a car insurance joke!)

The Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC) has received certification for All the Rivers Run: Level 1: and All the Rivers Run: Level 2 for four contact hours each by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD).

Wait, what?

That means the CVEEC is listed on the District’s website as an approved provider for schools wishing to apply for the Stormwater Fee Education Credit. Any schools attending Level 1 or 2 All the Rivers Run residential programs are eligible to apply for the NEORSD Stormwater Fee Education Credit. It is up to you–the school–to ensure you meet the full requirements of the credit and apply directly with NEORSD.

CONGRATULATIONS—4 contact hours could save you 25% on your sewage bill!


What you get:

The Stormwater Fee Education Credit is 25% off your monthly bill.
What you need to do:

  • Complete four contact hours of education concentrating on stewardship of our water and natural resources.
  • A quarter of your building’s grade level must complete the contact hours.
  • For example, if a school has 5-8 grades in a building, one entire grade level must complete the four contact hours.
  • Remember, after completion, you need to apply for the education credit directly with NEORSD.

How to earn your contact hours: (Pick one)

1) NEORSD’s Watershed Education Curriculum;

2) the school’s designed and district-approved curriculum; or

3) an informal science institution that has been certified by NEORSD….Like your friendly neighborhood CVEEC : )


Hope to see you soon!


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