Winter Weather Brings Creative Days

During the winter weather we get creative with our lessons–sometimes even bringing the program to school classrooms instead of our usual week of residential programming on our CVNP trails.

This month we’ve done several puppet shows in preschools and kindergartens. As you can see, our puppets are quite amazing to meet. They give us a chance to soften animals that are usually feared. In fact, that’s the name of the program: “Nobody Likes Me.”


NLM SadSpider

Our friend the spider is misunderstood! Our instructors help children appreciate the important role that every animal plays in our ecosystems–even the unpopular ones!

Instructors from the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center start in a quiet circle in a corner of a classroom or cafeteria, and transform that space into a conversation about what makes animals valuable. Is it their beauty? Their cuddliness? Puppet friends interrupt constantly to ask why they weren’t included on this list. By the end of the show, we’ve learned that

-bees are too busy to be bothered, that’s why they sting. If you don’t bother them, then there’s no problem!

-worms are super useful for making soil out of nasty, rotten food

-bats are aiming for the bugs bugging you, not your hair!

-spiders have oodles of legs and eyeballs because they need to hunt fast, and they think humans have too few legs.

After all these animals have gone back to their business, we separate into stations where students comb their fingers through a worm bin, build their own spiders to take home and make crayon rubbings of bats in their caves.

It’s a really fun field trip for the instructors, so call us if you’d like to schedule a “Nobody Likes Me” program for your little learners!

NLM Josh as bat 2

Having our animal guests in your classroom is great fun for young students!

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