CVEEC goes Hog-Wild!

Here at the EEC, we strive to deliver mission-based services. Two of our core values are sustainability and conservation of energy. We inspire the kids to become stewards of the environment by showcasing our own commitment to conservation.  One of the ways we do this is at meal time!

Enjoying a meal as a camp community is so important—it builds bonds between the students, many of whom will sit next to someone that is a new friend, or someone they don’t normally play with at school. Teachers have told us that having meals together makes them become “actual human beings” in the eyes of the students, and that it’s very memorable and valuable to get to know the kids outside of the classroom.

At the conclusion of every meal, our instructors weigh the group’s collective food waste—and report it back to the students. This gives the kids something to think about—and also a goal to get to by the end of camp.

Food Waste 2009-9-1 (1)

Weighing food waste

In the past, we were fortunate enough to have a high-heat compost company manage our waste. Recently, we discovered that would no longer be an option.

How would we serve as examples of energy conservation if we were throwing away our uneaten, unserved food?

The answer has come from an unlikely source: pigs. Through a partnership with Stone Garden Farm in Richfield, the vast majority of our edible waste is now being put back into the energy cycle by the farm’s hungriest residents.


Hungry for food waste!

This fall, our instructors got a chance to spend a beautiful, sunny afternoon with the pigs. It was inspiring to meet the pigs–and see firsthand all of the great work, historical preservation and responsible farming that Jim and Laura Fry have committed to at their farm.


Treating the pigs to some snacks


We had a great time at the farm!



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1 Response to CVEEC goes Hog-Wild!

  1. Erin says:

    Yay! The blog continues! Thank you for sharing this exciting update from the EEC!

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