Hiking in a Winter Wonderland!

Watershed Photo
Students learn about the watershed all year long!

Some of you may be wondering what we do at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC) in the winter. The temperatures have dropped, the ponds have frozen, and there’s snow everywhere. Do we still have students coming out to camp? Yes! We have just as much fun in the winter as any other time of year.

Student in Hollow Tree
The Hollow Tree is a main attraction, no matter the season!

The weather may be chilly, but a snow-covered forest makes a great place to look for animal tracks, scat, and other signs that are harder to spot in the warmer months. The snow adds an extra challenge to games like camouflage, and there’s a special feeling that comes with blazing your own trail where paths haven’t been plowed.

Night hikes are still fun in the winter, especially since it gets darker earlier. The moon reflecting off the ground adds to the serene beauty of the forest after dark. Star-gazing is excellent because there are no leaves on the trees to block the view and cold nights tend to have clearer skies.

Indoor Steam Activity
Even when it’s too cold to look for marcoinvertebrates outside, we can look through a mock steam inside.

Campfires still burn bright but the location changes from outside to the fireplace inside the November Lodge, where students can warm up after a long day!

The outdoors is different in every season, but it still has much to teach us if we are willing to brave the elements and get out there. Students that come to camp in the winter get a unique experience that is just as wonderful as those students who come in the summer. It just goes to show, any season is the best time of year to be at the CVEEC!

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