A Weekend for Cadettes

On October 10-12th we welcomed thirty-one girls from seven troops across northeast Ohio. During their stay, the girls had an amazing time exploring the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and completed three badges: Night Owl, Animal Helper, and Field Day!

The weekend kicked off with a night hike along the trails of the CVEEC’s campus. The girls explored using senses other than sight as they investigated the park after dark. Saturday morning, volunteers from Wag Time with Summa Health System brought therapy dogs to meet the girls and demonstrate what is required of a working dog.

Photo of Wag Time

The girls loved visiting with the dogs from Wag Time.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were dedicated to field games and team building exercises. Saturday evening was devoted to star gazing and learning constellations, as well as creating some new ones.

The balloon pop relay was a challenge for some of the scouts.

The balloon pop relay was a challenge for some of the scouts.

The weekend was packed with activities, but the most rewarding part was seeing the girls from different troops bond and make friends with one another. Girls, parents, and staff all had a great time, plus the scouts earned three badges!

Photo of scouts

Girls and their “Mummy

The CVEEC is very proud to offer these weekends for Girl Scouts. We’re already looking forward to the next weekend for Cadettes on January 23-25th, our very FIRST ever weekend for Senior Scouts on March 27-29 at Stanford House, and our spring weekends for Junior Girl Scouts on April 17-19 and May 1-3. Information regarding these programs will be posted on our website as it become available.

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  1. Erin says:

    Yay! The blog lives on! Thanks for posting. Sounds like fun!

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