White Pines Dorm’s Makeover

Picture 016

For the last few months, when walking through White Pines campus, mixed amongst the summer sounds of birds and insects, you also heard sounds of hammers and saws.  Bright orange signs stating, “Men working,” adorned the front lawn as the friendly faces of the National Park Service maintenance staff were hard at work.   As we near the final stages of the project, we can now proudly announce that White Pines Dorm got a makeover.

First on the list was the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).  Prior to renovations, the building operated on a boiler heating system and high velocity cooling.  Both systems were completely removed during the renovation and replaced with two 95% energy efficient gas furnaces and two 16 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) air conditioners.  With the added ability to control temperature in different zones throughout the building, the CVEEC is saving both energy and money with this new system.

Picture 015

Congruent with this new system, the back porch of the dining hall is now enclosed.  Not only does this prevent freezing pipe lines to the upstairs showers, it adds additional seating and classroom space to the dining area.  Retiled floors, a new drop ceiling with LED lights, and benches around the dining hall perimeter were all a part of the project as well.

Picture 005 Picture 011 Picture 010Last, and certainly not least, are the brand new windows that were installed in each room of the building.  We bade good riddance to the old windows with their removable screens and semi-functional casement window cranks and welcome our fabulous new double-hung windows with built in blinds.  Not only do they look great, but they increase our building’s energy efficiency and are more user-friendly.

Picture 012

Though we will miss the friendly faces of our NPS maintenance men as they move on to other park-wide projects, we are eager to move forward with our school year and take advantage of all the new makeover has to offer.

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