Girl Scouts at the CVEEC


Over 100 Girl Scouts and their troop leaders joined us for our two annual spring scouting weekends.  With warm spring sunshine and green leaves sprouting everywhere, the weather could not have been more perfect.  Girls delved into hands-on badge work activities within the wonderful surroundings of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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For the Get Moving class, scouts learned how energy flows through the earth. Using discovery workbooks, girls diagramed the energy required to make their favorite meal; starting with the sun and working all the way through to food preparation.  Later, scouts caught critters from the pond and observed how different organisms use or conserve their energy. Finally, girls made their own individual energy conservation pledge.


Scouts became pseudo private investigators to work toward earning their Detective badge.  Girls learned a few different secret codes and then wrote messages for their friends to decipher.  Next, girls learned about fingerprinting and made their own secret alias identity card.  Scouts used their observation and decoding skills to figure out which girl belonged to which secret alias.  The class ended with a nature discovery hike where scouts searched for animal tracks and other signs of forest activity.



During the class Investigate Your Spaces, scouts did a scavenger hunt through the November Lodge to learn about eco-friendly building features.  They then designed their own sustainable building and made models out of recycled materials.  Girls presented their building design to the other girls in their troop.


Evening activities for the weekend included a night hike with a campfire and also a jewelry making session!  Scouts learned about jewelry from different cultures and made jewelry using both natural materials and hieroglyphics.

All in all, it was a weekend filled with fun.  Girls made friends with other troops, completed badge work, earned their very own Cuyahoga Valley junior ranger badge, and explored the trails in their National Park!

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