A Weekend for Cadette Girl Scouts

This past weekend marked our 3rd annual Cadette Girl Scout Weekend at the CVEEC.  Eighty two girls from across the state gathered for a weekend of badge work, outdoor exploration, and fun!  Through the weekend, the girls completed the Trail Blazing badge, the Night Owl badge, and part of the Breathe journey.  Take a look at some pictures of the weekend activities…

Does air have a weight? Yes, it does! Scouts experimented with balloon balances.

The Breathe journey is all about exploring the wonders of air.  During the “Air, It’s Everywhere” class, Cadettes investigated the properties of air through a number of simple science experiments.  After experimenting inside, girls headed outside to explore the forests and learned about how trees act as living air filters.  To finish the class, the girls made flowers out of recycled newspaper.

Cadettes observed air particulates under the microscope. Did you know there are particulates all around us?

Recycled paper flower craft.
To make your own:
1-cut circles out of 2 or 3 layers of newspaper
2-decorate with watercolor
3-sprial cut the circles from the outside to the inside, leaving a penny-sized circle in the middle
4-roll the spiral from the outside to the inside and secure the bottom with a dot of hot glue.

The Trail Blazing badge requires girls to plan ahead and execute a hike. Since we incorporate hiking in every class we have here at the EEC, the girls exceeded the required hiking distance.  For the specific “Trail Blazing” class, Cadettes spoke with park ranger, Pam Machuga, about preparing for longer hikes.  Pam discussed packing for hikes in different seasons, fun ranger-led hikes in the park, and shared some of her personal favorite hiking locations.  After the session with Pam, the girls planned out a menu that used minimal packaging and generated minimal waste.  It’s always a good idea to think about sustainability!

One of the weekend’s longer hikes led girls down the infamous log stairs to the Everett Ranger Station.  Because the Night Owl badge requires scouts to learn about careers involving night work, the Cadettes interviewed Law Enforcement Ranger, Karla Rickelman, about working the night shift in the park.  Karla portrayed the excitement of protecting both people and animals.  One of her most memorable animal encounters was when she took a blue heron to the rehab center.  The girls got to tour the ranger station (it looked like an office) and also got to look inside the ranger vehicle!

Law Enforcement Ranger, Karla, talks about working the night shift in the park.

While the entire weekend was filled with excitement, the highlight happened during the star gazing session with EEC Ranger, Phil Molnar.  When pointing out the constellation Cassiopeia, a shooting star darted right across the sky!  It was definitely a moment that made you stop and just appreciate the awe of nature.

Girl Scouts gather around the fire circle for closing ceremony.

Both evening classes focused on other Night Owl badge activities.  Girls played constellation charades, constructed their own star chart, viewed the moon through a telescope, and went on a night hike.  Everyone was thankful for the beautiful, cloudless sky both evenings.

“As a Jr Ranger of Cuyahoga Valley National Park I promise to preserve and protect America’s National Parks for future generations!”

By the end of the weekend, each Cadette not only completed their badgework, but also earned their very own Cuyahoga Valley National Park Jr. Ranger badge!  Congratulations to the girls and their hard work!  We hope to see you all again next year!

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2 Responses to A Weekend for Cadette Girl Scouts

  1. Michelle says:

    I would love for my cadettes to host this very weekend. Is there anyway you could send me more info?

    • CVEEC says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for contacting us about your troop! We would love to host you on our campus. Unfortunately, we just concluded our final Cadette weekend of the school year Jan 22-24th.

      If your troop and leaders would like to rent our dorm space to deliver your own weekend of programming you can contact Patricia Clark, the Conservancy’s Reservations Coordinator at (330) 657-2909 ext. 119 or by email pclark@forcvnp.org

      Otherwise, you can inquire about our bi-annual Cadette weekends later on this year. I apologize I cannot give you dates at this time, but please know that we intentionally rotate the badges so troops can come back year after year.

      Please visit https://www.conservancyforcvnp.org/education/girl-scouts for more information

      Have a great day!

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