Frankenstorm Hits the EEC

To say that the Frankenstorm brought us rain would be an understatement.  While we are very thankful that we did not have damages as severe as the coast, we certainly had our share of commotion. 

Almost all of our programming was cancelled for the week, due to the severity of the weather.  Although we did not experience thunder storms or downpour rain events, we had a steady fall of rain for five straight days.  The super saturated ground mixed with gusts of wind caused many trees to fall around campus. 

Here are some pictures of our fallen giants:

Cattail pond…

This tree fell blocking the path along the dam of Cattail pond. Branches extend all the way into the water.


Another view of the same tree by Cattail pond.

Pine forest…

Remember the tree with exposed roots along the campus path? Now there are three!


This massive tree fell close to our rock sculputre. Luckily, the art survived!

Administration parking lot…

This one fell right along side the administration building parking lot. The roots were not uplifted, the trunk snapped in half! It took out several other trees as it fell. Aaron, our maintance guy, assesses the damages.


While we never lost power here at the center, we did lose power in the Village of Everett on Wednesday night.  All the interns came into work early Thursday morning to make coffee in the office.   Thankfully, the power came back on Thursday afternoon.

Furnace Run and the Cuyahoga were both filled to the brim with water.  It was interesting to see the lessons we teach about runoff actually play out in the watershed.

Hopefully you all made it though the storm safely! Can you believe it’s already November?

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