Intern Training Week One

It’s started again!  Nine new interns have been hired for the 2012-2013 school year.  We’ve had a great first week of training; getting to know each other, learning curriculum, and figuring out how things run here at the EEC.

The week started off with the traditional steep stair hike from Everett to the EEC.  New interns were guided along the trails with treasure hunt clues.  Each clue also prompted the interns with get- to-know-you activities.  Here are some pictures of their adventure…

Seven of the nine new interns gather on the steps of Hardy House, ready to hike to the center. Front row: Katie, Ben, Tess. Back row: Chirs, Josh, Barbora, Martin.

Interns were prompted to take pictures depicting their struggle up the steep stairs. Chris wins for having the most dramatic pose.

Later in the week, the interns did a few low-ropes teambuilding exercises.  It’s always amazing how complicated a task can become when speaking and/or sight are taken away.  Everyone learned to rely on alternative forms of communication to accomplish the task at hand.  I think these pictures really say it all…

Walking tag! Watch out Josh and Ben…Martin and Barbora are right behind you!

Lifting an invisible pool of acid.

Ben trusted everyone to pick him up in the air!

Interns were blindfolded, spread out in a field, given a number between 1-999, and asked to line up in order. No one was allowed to talk. …it was almost successful!

We made it through the week!  One week of training remains.  Stay tuned for updates on week two, and individual bios about each intern.

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One Response to Intern Training Week One

  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations, everyone! It’s so exciting/weird to see new interns—I was there, on that same scavenger hunt, just a few years ago! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A FANTASTIC YEAR…and get used to going up those steps. Good luck!

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