Summer Camp Wrap Up

The last two weeks of summer flew by quickly.  We had 71 survivor campers followed by a week of Chef Camp.  Here are some pictures to sum up the weeks…

We had beautiful weather all summer long…except the night we were supposed to camp out for Survivor Camp.  The kids spent the week learning survivor skills; orienteering, outdoor cooking, first aid, packing your backpack, etc.  Thursday night was supposed to be the epic hike down to Howe Meadow to put these skills to the test.  Unfortunately, it thunder stormed for most of the day, and into the night, so our plans were foiled.  Luckily, our camp director got creative and found a way to still camp out… or is it camp in?

Camping out inside November Lodge.

Chef campers spent the week learning cooking skills with Chef Larkin.  They developed a themed menu for a food truck through the course of the week.  Parents and staff got to taste their delicious dishes at the end of the week.  Homemade peanutbutter cups, potato gnocchi, guacamole, fried chicken, and homemade pickles were among the delectable delights.

Chef campers practice their knife skills while chopping onions and herbs.

We’ve had a blast this summer.  Thank you to all the amazing kids and staff!

Now, we are looking ahead to the residential program for the year.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures from intern training!

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2 Responses to Summer Camp Wrap Up

  1. Michelle says:

    Congratulations, everyone! It’s so exciting/weird to see new interns—I was there, in those steps only a few years ago! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A FANTASTIC YEAR…and get used to those steps. Good luck!

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