Alex Bevan Visits CVNP

Thousands of students come through the CVEEC each year from schools all over Northeast Ohio.  Some will remember the class work, most will remember the hiking, but ALL of them will remember the song “All the Rivers Run.”  It’s one of those songs that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Students first hear the chorus of the song during their “pre-site” visit.  A CVEEC instructor travels to the students’ school a week prior to the residential trip.  Students learn the chorus along with the motions…

All the rivers run,

Dancing in the sun,

Cradled in their watersheds,

All the rivers run.

When students arrive at the center for their actual week of camp, the first thing we do is sing the song again.  This time, students receive a lyrics sheet so we can sing the song in its entirety. 

All the rivers run,

Dancing in the sun,

Cradled in their watersheds,

All the rivers run,

We live on a planet so big and blue, …all the rivers run

So much to learn so much to do, …all the rivers run

There are mountains high and valleys low, …all the rivers run

And in between them waters flow, …all the rivers run


When the sun comes up and warms the land, …all the rivers run

There’s a world of wonder at every hand, …all the rivers run

Dew drop rain drop river or sea, …all the rivers run

The water cycles endlessly, …all the rivers run


See the millions of interlinking threads, …all the rivers run

It’s a web of life so it is said, …all the rivers run

The tapestry of life is knit, …all the rivers run

And water flows through all of it, …all the rivers run


Mother earth and father sky, …all the rivers run

And all around them starwheels fly, …all the rivers run

The embroidered hem of nature’s gown, …all the rivers run

Begins where the water comes tumbling down, …all the rivers run


The song proves to be an engaging first experience at the center.  It also eases the students into the unfamiliar surroundings with the familiarity of the chorus. 

Students revisit the song as an after-meal digestive song later in the day.  They also sing it at closing ceremony right before they leave the park.  However, because of the catchy chorus lyrics, students usually sing the song on the trails throughout the entire week.  (Multiply the minimum of three times a week by the thirty some residential programs per year.  You can begin to imagine the impact this song has on the EEC staff.  Some of us have worked here multiple years!)

So, it came as quite a pleasant surprise when we found out the composer of the song, Alex Bevan was scheduled to perform at the park’s Music in the Meadow.

Bevan wrote the song “All the Rivers Run” in 1996 through a partnership with the CVEEC.  His two albums, “All the Rivers Run” and “Connected to the Web” were written with and for kids that spend time at the EEC.  We’ve been playing Bevan’s music here ever since.

Although Bevan has produced countless other albums apart from his children’s music genre, he humored us by playing “All the Rivers Run” at his concert at Howe Meadow last night.  Here is a picture of EEC staff on stage signing along…

EEC staff singing on stage with Alex Bevan. Photo courtsey of Denny Reiser.

For more information on Alex Bevan, his music or his pickle business! Check out the link HERE

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