Theater Camp

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thursday of our first week of camp; time sure does fly.  Campers arrived on Sunday for Theater Camp, and there is only one more day left.  Campers have been working hard throughout the week to learn lines, attend acting lessons, practice battle scenes, construct props, and hopefully squeezed in some fun.

Directors Holly and Dennis from the Magical Theater Company came up with eight different scenes this year.  Since each script has a focus on nature, the scenes will be performed at different places around the EEC campus to incorporate the beautiful natural backdrops.  Scenes this year include excerpts from Balloon Farm, Narnia, Camp Nowhere, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Fairy Tale, Sasquatch, and Snow Queen.  The final share-back performance for parents on Friday will also include an epic battle scene from the Hunger Games so students can show off their new stage battling skills.

Pictures of the weeks events include:

Acting class…

Director Dennis assists campers with their lines.

Campers practice posture and body language in an acting class.


Swim day at Monroe Falls!

Evening hike….

Campers stop and rest by Redwing Pond during their evening hike.

Wacky Olympics evening program…

Wacky Olympics foot race!

Acting warm-up…

Daily group warm-up in November Lodge.

Stage combat…

Practicing the Hunger Games battle scene.

It’s been a great week!  Good luck to all the young actors/actresses; break a leg!

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